Friday, November 02, 2007

Licensing Advisor and Virtual Licensing Calculators

Here are some great licensing resources I wanted to share to help you understand some of the licensing challenges that you face from time to time.

Let me start with “The Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor” an online tool that will help you figure out what licensing program is best for you based on your requirements. This online tool has been updated recently and can be reach from the following link. please note that you can review your report offline and save your quote to send to someone later.

In the virtualization world there are 2 calculators which would help you figure out what you need based on your virtualization strategy. Calculator 1 lets you interactively build virtual machines running multiple Microsoft server products to estimate the licenses and costs for Windows Server by edition (Standard, Enterprise and DataCenter) and many Microsoft server products. It starts with configuring your server based on virtualization technology, sockets and clustering requirements, and then builds the virtual machines.
Calculator 2 provides two ways to estimate the number and cost of Windows Server Standard Edition, Enterprise Edition and DataCenter Edition licenses needed for your virtualization scenarios to help you determine the most cost-effective edition of Windows Server.
You can find both calculators at

In addition the licensing team has also produced this video that explains virtualization licensing in depth. It is a long video but well worth the time as there are plenty of examples and scenarios covering Windows, SQL, multi-core, multi-CPU and more...Video: Licensing Microsoft Servers for Virtualization

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Very interesting SCR blog from the exchange team

download and make sure to watch maximized.

I have asked Scott for a list of commands used and here is the link "thanks Scott"

List of all Microsoft Team Blogs

Thanks to Brandon LeBlanc for the list of Microsoft Team blogs